No,Randevu will never post anything on your behalf on any social media sites without your permission.

If you double tap another user’s profile, they will receive a notification telling them you are interested.
If you swipe right, the user will not know you like them unless they also swipe right. In that case, you will be matched and you will both receive a notification.

In order to talk to someone, you need to be have been matched. This means you both like each other and once that happens, a chat option will be available. You can then just click on the chat icon next to your match and start a conversation. The more active you are on the app, the higher your chances of getting matches.

Randevu rewards male users with a “Gentleman” account for exhibiting good behavior on the platform.

It’s not nice to take back gifts, which is why Randevu has a strict no refund policy on gifts sent via the platform.

Yes, your mailing address will always remain completely private. The platform stores your information, but never shares it with any other user.

The featured page is a list of our most popular profiles for the day. The explore page is where you can adjust filters and see people in your area.

If there is a user that is making you uncomfortable by sending you gifts, you can simply block him.

Depends on the gift:

  1. E-Gifts – Sent to the user’s email right away
  2. Physical gifts – Vary depending on the size

Yes. You are automatically downgraded a gentleman level if you get blocked more than three times.

You will get an email notifying you when the gift has been delivered.

You can only undo left swipes. Once you’ve swiped left on a profile an undo icon appears on the top left corner. Simply click the icon to go back a profile. You can only undo one consecutive mis-swipe.

No, only if you manually delete your account.

Go on My profile → Click Edit on the bottom right corner of your photo to edit your photo or swipe down and click the edit button on the top left corner.

Go to settings → Accounts → Delete account

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Go to settings → Account → Billing

To block: go on their profile and swipe to see their bio, then click on the block button located on the bottom.
To unblock: go to setting → Privacy → Blocked Users